Step Out and Take Your Place, by author Krista Dunk

Discover your God-given gifts and calling


SOTYP Testimonials – What are readers are saying?

“Krista Dunk’s book, Step Out And Take Your Place: How To Discover and Live Your Everyday Calling, was wonderful! Her book ministered to me personally, encouraging and inspiring me to step out and to step up to the larger place God has for me – not because of me, but because of Him and His Kingdom purposes. Her gentle spirit, the love of God, her passion for her subject, and Christ’s humility shine in Krista throughout this book. She gives practical, helpful tools and resources in this ebook to help you find and live your purpose. Krista challenged me in this ebook to not settle for anything less than what God desires for me and that God has much more ahead for me, for His glory. I believe this ebook will encourage you, too, to step forward into your great, God-ordained purpose and destiny.” -Beth Jones, speaker/author,

“The message in this book is truly a blessing for all of us ‘aimless wanderers’ who are seeking God’s path.  Krista’s words encouraged me to discover and use my God-given gifts to lead a more purposeful and fulfilling life.  I was one of those people in need of direction, but now I find peace along the journey of discovering my place!”  -Dana Haug, School Teacher, WA

“Have an amazing day and I just wanted to say YOUR BOOK ROCKS!  THANK YOU!” -Nicole Ball, Business Owner, Lacey, WA

“So last night I picked up your book and I have only read 20 pages and God is ministering to me through your story and guidance! I have known for a long time that God is going to use me to teach and that the anointing He gave me is real, but I was getting shaken. I just want you to know how God used your book even with me – a woman who has already started to step out, yet the old fears began to shake me. I could not believe that you were talking about working in the will of God. He will finish what He has started. Thank you!” -Mary Sorrendino, New York

“I cannot say enough about this project! What an inspiration!” -Debbie Ross, Worship Musician, Rochester, WA

Book review and testimonial by blogger, Robin Prater:

“I found Step Out and Take Your Place educational, enlightening and spiritual. I just love the layout concept of the book. I think my favorite chapter was “Renew Your Mindset”… it did make me stop and evaluate certain mindsets of my own. Thank You Krista for such a wonderful effort.” -Michael Costin, owner/publisher The Oklahoma Reporter.

“I enjoyed reading and editing this for you.  This is a remarkable learning tool.  I learned so many new things that I hope to explore in more detail.  The content was compelling and found myself having to re-read pages to go back and see what was there for editing.  You do a fantastic job of writing Krista.” -Shannon Davis, Olympia, WA

“Krista Dunk is an inspiration to anyone who is interested in pursuing their goals. She inspires and encourages all who God places in her path. She has keen insight and a listening ear that brings comfort to anyone who may have doubts regarding the path God has chosen. I have had the honor and the privilege of being one of the souls Krista has touched with her spiritual resources. I appreciate what she has offered and what she is willing to continue to contribute to the success of my endeavors.”  –Minister Inez Reilly, author of All Other Ground, Covenant and How to Taste It at the End of the Day

“Krista, I spoke to a friend this morning who was in tears. She’d started reading your book and said, she’d bought some Gloria Copeland and other self-help books cause she’s been searching for her purpose and calling, she said your book is so honest, practical and simple and pure. She has already started jotting down what her spirit is saying to her in the journal she got w/the book…I can’t wait to start on mine…” -Electa Stanley, Realtor, Puyallup, WA

“What an amazing resource! Step Out & Take Your Place is your A-Z guide for discovering and developing your unique, God-given life direction. Like having a compass in your hand, Krista’s clear and actionable advice could change everything!” –Marnie Swedberg, Mentor to Leaders,, Warroad, MN

“Krista, thank you for the pre-release copy. I am reading it as if I picked out the book because I am starving to find “my place.” Funniest thing…it’s exactly where I’m at right now! I have found tons of “you got that right!” moments in your book. I see places where I have already been and places yet to go. It has caused me to think about the areas of life when passions change…and how many “places” I have been able to step up to. Now I find myself in a new place…but with the same passion as I’ve had for the past several years. It’s just a matter of how to put it into practice.  Off I go back to your book for more words of wisdom!”  –LouAnn Miller, Christian bookstore owner, Cannon Beach, OR

“I am reading this pre-release book as if I am reading any book I have purchased in the bookstore. I completely forget this is your first book. You are so knowledgeable and have written this so well. I am still reading but just wanted to say great job, good for you. You should be really proud of yourself and your work. AND it’s funny! I personally think that’s important in books. You have made me laugh out loud a few times now. I am just so impressed with all the work you have put into this and what a great product you have created.”  –Diana Kohn, Owner of, Kirkland, WA

“Krista Dunk’s journey with God will inspire you to settle for nothing less than God’s plan. Her gentle spirit and strong word will invite you to grow in faith, and to step out and take your place in life.” –Jason Frenn, Bestselling author, Missionary Evangelist,, CA

“I love your passion, your focus, your examples, and I think your book is a timely answer to a heart cry that often goes unanswered.” -Lois Williams, Author,

“Krista: Thank you for your very empowering book. I really like the style it is, it’s easy reading and one that keeps your interest. Thank you so much for the time you have put into this book for the good of others and yourself.” -Joanne Hill, WA

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